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Knee Joint Skeleton Model

Product Code : OLS-BE-11374

Life size represents a functional model of knee joint with lateral ligaments, meniscus and patellar ligament.

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Elbow Joint Model

Product Code : OLS-BE-11375

This single piece life size model is a realistic representation of the human elbow with ligaments.

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Hip Joint Model

Product Code : OLS-BE-11376

This single piece life size model illustrates the right hip joint with ligaments.

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Skeleton of Lower Limb with Half Pelvis

Product Code : OLS-BE-11377

An articulated life size plastic skeleton of the lower limb with half pelvis, including the entire hip joint.

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Shoulder Joint Model

Product Code : OLS-BE-11378

This life size model shows the shoulder joint with ligaments.

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Knee Joint Set

Product Code : OLS-BE-11379

This 1/2 life size model compares the normal knee joint with 3 different stages of ischemic pathology

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Skeleton of the Human Trunk

Product Code : OLS-BE-11380

A fully flexible life size plastic human trunk skeleton consisting of the following

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Sacrum with Coccyx

Product Code : OLS-BE-11381

A life size model of the sacral vertebrae with the coccyx.

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Hyoid Bone Model

Product Code : OLS-BE-11382

This life model shows the human hyoid bone.

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Pregnancy Model Set

Product Code : OLS-BE-11383

All the main structures of the uterus and foetus are well represented and identified on the accompanying k-card.

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Human Skeleton

Product Code : OLS-BE-11384

The main joints are articulated; the upper and lower limbs can be removed easily.

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Ovary Structure Model

Product Code : OLS-BE-11385

The follicles are shown at different stages of maturation. from the primary ovarian follicle to the corpus albicans.

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Testis 3.5X Life Size Model

Product Code : OLS-BE-11386

This model shows the medial and sagittal section of the human testis including ductus deferens

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Ear Custom Models

Product Code : OLS-BE-11387

Made of durable high quality materials.

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Hand Acupuncture Model

Product Code : OLS-BE-11388

An English Key describing the points is included.

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