Resistance Box Decade Dial Type

Resistance Box Decade Dial Type

Product Code : OLS-PLE-11249

Resistance Box Decade Dial Type
Each dial has 10 resistances, with a knob at the top which rotates with positive click stop to select the desired value as indicated alongside index mark on the knob. 
Comprises circular dials mounted underneath a metal cover plate, inside sturdy aluminium extrusion case.
Provided with a pair of 4mm sockets for connecting the resistances across a circuit and a yellow socket for earthing.
Multiple dials are connected in series to add to the total resistances of each dial. 

Four Decades:-
0-100 Ω × 10 Ω
0-1000 Ω × 100 Ω 
0-10 kΩ × 1 kΩ
0-10 Ω × 1 Ω 
Total resistance is 11, 110 Ω (or 11.11 kΩ)

Accuracy ±5%.

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