Student Optics Kit

Student Optics Kit

Product Code : OLS-PLE-11337

Student Optics Kit
6 Acrylic Optical Bodies of various shapes.
Color Card, Color Filter, and Black Plastic Blanks Dimensions: 2in x 2in. 
Contains: 8 color cards, 8 color filters, 2 black plastic blanks, 6 acrylic optical shapes, 2 slit cards, mirror, plastic tray with measurement markings, and ray box with two banana plugs.
Slots in ray box for placement of cards, filters, etc.
Slit Card Dimensions: 2in x 3.38in.
The kit includes color cards, slit cards, color filters, blank plates, acrylic optical shapes, a tray with measurement.
The Student Optics Kit is an user-friendly tool for students to learn about optics in a visually and kinesthetically effective manner.  

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